Alt.Art frames in Olbia

Art gallery of handmade works

The company Alt.Art works in the world of art and of the small furniture complements like personalized or ready frames.The Alt.Art was born as a shop that produced furniture complements and frames and then it has involved, becoming a big company: it has extended the articles offer, dedicating to the artwork too. In the shop there is actually an art gallery where you can admire the products and the works of several new or well known artists.

Who works in Alt.Artis specialized in the artistic furniture and satisfy our customers’ needs and likings, thanks to our main products: personalized frames, mirrors, paintings, graphic art, prints, furniture complements. The variety of the articles is constantly updated.

The Alt-Art frames in Olbia offers personalized frames that are created in the workshop by expert and professional artists.

In the last years we have furthermore expanded our assortment, with the offering of paintings and works of art graphics realized through different techniques like the etching, the serigraphy or the lithography.

In addition to the quality of the products, the Alt.Art frames in Olbia always pays great attention to the value of money, the prices are controlled and updated according to the costs we have to buy the several raw materials.

The products that we use are Made in Italy and not imported from non-European countries. So the Alt.Art in Olbia can offer an assured quality and precious product, both in the materials that are used or in the workmanship, done by expert artists. Our articles have a great request and a varied clientele and are exported everywhere in Europe and in the world.

Consult the catalog of the Alt.Art frames in Olbia that proposes a wide choice of frames, paintings, furniture complements, in order to adapt to several kinds of houses and furniture.