Personalized frames in Olbia

Classical, craftmade or hand-carved.

The Alt.Art creates personalized frames Olbia: we dispose of both handmade or produced in series frames. The price range is really large and changes according to the preciosity of the processing and the materials that are used for the manufacture.
At the Alt.Art there are frames of various shapes and dimensions, that can make even more special an anonymous picture, your family picture or a normal mirror.
Even for a small charge, it is possible to buy a frame that completely revolutionizes the wall of your hall, living room or bedroom.

Frames types

  • Our frame offer is really diversified and adapt to all the tastes and locations. You will have lots of choices!
  • Here’s a short list of our frames styles:
  • modern frames made by advanced materials
  • round and oval frames
  • rectangular and square frames
  • ancient and restored frames
  • classical frames 
  • craftmadeframes 
  • hand-carved and wooden frames
  • baroque and gold frames

If you want to express your creativity, we give our customers the opportunity to buy also the raw materials and staffs for the frames for do-it-yourself works at home or in your own laboratories. Frames are precious objects but sometimes, with the passing of time, they need to be not only cleaned and polished, to let them find their old freshness, but they also need to be professionally restored, and our collaborators have great experience in it.

If you desire some personalized frames, we also offer a personalization service, so you can chose freely your favourite colors, dimensions, style, materials, that best fit to your house.

Our staff is at your disposal to give you advices on the shopping, according to the styles that best fit to your house, giving you the time to explore our large offer and the possibility to touch the products before buying them.

The varieties of personalized frames in Olbia of our shop are endless: contact us at our contact details to get more information about the frames and an estimate for the services we offer. We know how to give a touch of style and exclusivity to all your houses with a small furniture.