Furnishing in Olbiaa

Furnishing for each location

Thanks to the long-time experience, the Alt-Art in Olbia creates pieces of furniture that will be perfect details for every kind of location, both at home to astonish your friends or in the office and public places like restaurants and hotels to receive your guests in the best way.
If you want to renew your house or your office, the furnishing of Alt.Art are perfect and of great variety. Our artists and their artistic knowledge are always updated according to the last trends and the styles that are cool at the time, offering a great variety of objects and accessories, from the mirrors to the frame for photo.

Our creations include both hand-made frames or frames produced in series. Even for a small charge, it is possible to buy a frame that completely revolutionizes the wall of your hall, living room or bedroom.
The Alt.Art has acted in the furnishing in Olbia for many years and the success of the company is due not onlyto the skill and competence of the collaborators, but also to the passion they put into their work.

What style is your house and how would you like it to be?

  • Northern furniture: the keyword is minimalism, with a preference for large-scale locations with great windows, a rich lighting, wood and light and natural colors.
  • Shabby chic: soft pastels, mainly natural wooden furniture and accessories, that have a lived aspect, but beautifully restored: with this style, your house will be like a country English cottage.
  • Ethnic furniture: it can arrive from Africa or Japan, the ethnic furniture will surely let fascinated your guests. In order to obtain a beautiful complete effect, you can mix the different styles that come from different countries.
  • Contemporary furniture: in this case, the most important features are the cleaning and the elegance of the minimalism with plain colors and innovative furniture, from the shiny material.

Widely used mostly in the kitchen are the steel surfaces.
Our staff is at your disposal to show you how to make unique and original the atmosphere of each location, and we are always ready to satisfy all the requests of our clientele, from the private to the small and big companies.
Our staff is at your disposal to give you advices on your shopping according to the contents and to the most suitable styles for your house, giving you all the time you need to explore our offer and the possibility to touch the products in order to value them before doing the shopping.
The variety of furniture complements in Olbia are endless: apply us at our addresses to get more information on our articles and to have an estimate on the services we propose.
We are able to give a touch of class and exclusivity to all the houses with a little piece of furniture.